Discover Nikken – The Ideal Business

Discover Nikken – The Ideal Business

9 minutes that can change your life!
Audio CD #100  

Listen to the first nine minutes. If you enjoy that, listen to the rest. You will discover a new way of life: better health with greater time and money freedom. 

Discover Nikken – The Ideal Business is the “ideal” prospecting audio because it has the facts, figures and real life stories. It is full of great Nikken product and business testimonials with people from all walks of life. Remember, “Facts tell, but stories sell.” 

With Nikken Consultants of the Year: Bo Tanas, Michael & Lillian Ghali, Ahuva Simone, and top leaders Ihor Lenko, Bruce Black of Black’s Cameras, Cathy Dohmann, Santo Mula and many others. Including Doctors, Nurses, Athletes, and special guest, world-renowned trainer  / author, John Kalench.  

You now have a powerful new tool, with the best Nikken stories and information on 11 tracks, so you can select the tracks you want to hear. It is being called the “most comprehensive Nikken introductory audio ever recorded.” It has been arranged to make it very “listen-able,” by alternating male and female stories whenever possible.

Here’s a list of the 11 tracks: 

1.  The Ideal Business
( 6:28 ) 

2.  John Kalench – world-renowned network marketing author, trainer; Bo Tanas – musician, business owner, real estate; Stacey Grieve – massage therapist, wellness clinic owner
( 7:54 ) 

3.  Justin Tanas – young entrepreneur; Lillian Ghali – teacher, remarkable product experience; Michael Ghali – engineer, insurance consultant
( 6:38 ) 

4.  Ihor Lenko – real estate broker, Entrepreneur; Ahuva Simone – real estate broker, entrepreneur; Mark McKoy – Olympic gold medal athlete 
( 5:59 ) 

5.  Cathy Dohmann – senior bank Manager; Bruce Black – successful, retired big business owner; Santo Mula – beauty salon owner, entrepreneur  
( 7:36  ) 

6.  The Facts: Company, Products, Business
( 8:52 ) 

7.  Bernadette McBurnie – corporate IT Consultant; Anton McBurnie – president of a major corporation; D
( 5:38 ) ebra Joy – venture capitalist  

8.  Donna Rogers – advertising executive Jeane Taddonio – hospice nurse

9.   Rhonda Shuter – registered nurse
 Ron Klein – tri-athlete, amazing product experience  
( 5:13  ) 

10. Professionals:  
    Dr. Bob Purdy – podiatrist 
    Dr. Rob Zeldin – head of surgery at a Toronto hospital 
    Dr. Don Viggiani – chiropractor 
    Dr. Kyra Larkin-Sladek – veterinarian 
    Gary McKibble – successful attorney 
(12:10 )      

11. Benefits of Nikken, Getting Started  
( 2:35 )     

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“Discover Nikken – The Ideal Business” Audio CD #100