THE Network Marketing training book: Being the Best You Can Be in MLM

Special limited edition with a forward by John Kalench to all Nikken consultants. John Kalench chose Nikken over all of companies. Discover why. 

(256 pp, soft cover)  John Kalench is world renowned in the industry of Network Marketing as the Master Teacher, Trainer, and Author. Being the Best You Can Be in MLM is considered to be the ‘bible’ of the Network Marketing Profession and is a ‘must-read’ for every Nikken Consultant. Read it. Over and over. Get copies to your team and encourage them to do the same. John challenges you to find your purpose and explains the industry in a way that is fascinating and insightful. This special version for Nikken consultants is available from Momentum Tools Inc. 

Considered to be the most important book in the profession of Network Marketing! When this book was first published, network marketing leaders around the world immediately recognized it as the most important volume on network marketing to date. It is still one of the best selling network marketing training books ever published. It is called the industry’s textbook.  

Communicated in a concise, effective manner, chapters such as “Prospecting,” “Your Presentation,” “Objections,” and “Your Goals and Purpose” contain core information essential to every member of your team. This volume is considered “required reading” for new distributors. Established distributors find themselves referring to it over and over.

Being the Best You Can Be in MLM
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