“Presentation Book” Data CD-ROM

The purpose of the Presentation Book is to add credibility to your Nikken presentation. By using a Presentation Book with pictures and articles of successful and credible people (doctors, athletes, business professionals, your upline and other successful Nikken leaders) your presentation becomes more believable.
The “Presentation Book” CD-ROM contains over 200 photos and documents along with 2 videos which can be played on almost any computer. Using Tools like this is another form of the “A’ in the ABC, as in the 2 on 1 presentation with you, your sponsor and prospects; it is 3rd party credibility.
It took many, many hours to organize these files. Get a three-ring binder with clear plastic sheets. All you have to do is print out the items you want ( print the pictures on photo paper ) and you can create your own Presentation Book. This CD-ROM is just a starting point. You can add photos and articles to update it as time goes on. Add photos of yourself with your upline and others, and include other articles as you collect them.
Empower your presentations and those of your team with the support materials on the “Presentation Book” CD ROM. Almost anyone can share their personal Nikken story as well as the “big picture” of Nikken by flipping through the colorful pages the Presentation Book. The added bonus is that when your consultants enjoy the photos and read the articles they will learn a great deal about Nikken and build greater belief.
This CD-Rom is a starting point. Add your own photos and articles. Tell your story and that of your team. Get a copy of the disk to everyone on your team.
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