“The Secret” is revealed to you.


“The Secret”  is revealed to you. 

The Secret is the most professional, heartfelt, and visually effective presentation of a Key Life Concept. This information affects your life 24 / 7 whether you know it or not. What you don’t know can hurt you. Discover this essential knowledge and use it to enhance your life and that of many others. 

“Once I watched ‘The Secret’ I realized that our Nikken experience has a lot to do with applying these concepts. My appreciation for Nikken and Humans Being More Training has increased even more. What we really do in Nikken is help people get healthier and to become ‘Humans Being More.’ Watch ‘The Secret’ and see for yourself. You may also want to get copies of the DVD to your friends, Nikken leaders and key business associates. Our thoughts determine our actions and results. Apply the Secret to your life.” 

Bo Tanas, Nikken Royal Diamond, Former Consultant of the Year 

“The Secret”
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