Nikken® Products Workshop DVD


Nikken® Products Workshop DVD 
Understand, Use, Present and Demonstrate Nikken® Products 

“Documentation Beats Conversation. Seeing Is Believing.” 

Increase your understanding and belief in the wellness technologies, the products and the Wellness Home with this in-depth workshop. Learn how to do the powerful product demonstrations. Discover the Ideal Products for the Ideal Business. With almost 4 hours of detailed product training on 2 DVDs, this is the most comprehensive Nikken product training video ever created. Independently produced, this video training is presented by health professionals, doctors, an air quality specialist and experienced leaders. It is a ‘must’ for all consultants and business builders. Duplication of skills is the key to success. “Get it. Watch it. Do it.” 

“Nikken Products Workshop” 
Please order this DVD directly from Team Tools: #365 DVD.
In sets of 2 full-length DVDs: 1 – 4 at $17.95, 5 – 9 at $16.95, 10+ at $14.95., for US, Canada and Int’l orders
USA: 1-800-496-8508 or 1-830-643-1121, CAN: 1-204-726-9546