Network Marketing Training – 5 Excellent Audio CDs

Network Marketing Training – 5 Excellent Audio CDs
EXCELLENT Training CDs – for your “university on wheels 

“The greatest challenge for most people is the subject of network marketing, understanding what it is and then effectively talking about it to others. This group of five audio CDs is an excellent introduction to the industry and profession of Network Marketing. The last one, by Jim Rohn, is a great training tool on theBASICS of HOW To Do It.. Get these CDs. Empower yourself and your team. Learn the concepts, language and keys to success. Increase your Understanding and Belief in Network Marketing. I suggest you STUDY them in this order below with repeated listenings daily as you travel in your “university on wheels.” Business builders, I suggest you get five or more sets for your team to accelerate their belief, excitement and momentum. It’s that important!”     Bo Tanas

“Best of the Best” 5 CD pack – for only $20.00 !   

What Would You Change…? – Bob Proctor  
The Answer – Brian Tracey  
Brilliant Compensation – Tim Sales  
The Perfect Business? – Robert Kiyosaki  
Building Your Network Marketing Business – Jim Rohn


What Would You Change If Your Annual Income…
Suddenly Became Your 
Monthly Income?   
by Bob Proctor - 25 minute audio cd 

There are only 3 strategies for earning money: M1, M2 and M3. Do you know what they are? This is a fascinating message that can definitely change your life. M1 will keep you struggling financially while M3 can make you wealthy. Bob Proctor is a master at showing people how to multiply their income. That’s what he’s been doing for the past 35 years - all over the world. He will show you how to earn the amount of money you need, to provide for the things you want, to live the way you choose.  

This CD will explain why so many brilliant people live with lack and limitation while, frequently, some of their intellectual counterparts become very wealthy. Unfortunately, school does not teach us how to earn money, yet money affects virtually every aspect of your life. Get excited! This message is powerful. 


The Answer by Brian Tracy

One of the world’s leading authorities on personal business success: Reveals how to get more Time… to do the things you have always wanted. 

Explains how to gain Freedom…  
Forecasts where the new money-making opportunities are today and shows the Keys to Success 


Brilliant Compensation
Have you ever noticed that some people earn $10,000 a year while other people earn one million dollars a year?

Yet they both have only 24 hours a day. This audio presentation explains why Brilliant Compensation is breaking down barriers and helping Network Marketers open doors. Have you noticed how many of your prospects didn’t or won’t sign up with your Network Marketing company — not because of your company but because of their perceptions about the Industry? You can change that with Brilliant Compensation, the hottest audio in Network Marketing today!   


The Perfect Business?
An Interview with Robert T. Kiyosaki 

In this exclusive interview, Robert T. Kiyosaki reveals what the “Cash Flow Quadrant” is, and his first choice for you to retire young, retire rich. Discover successful strategies to greater personal security and financial freedom. Robert Kiyosaki is a multi-millionaire businessman, investor, educator, speaker and the author of four international best-selling books (“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and the “Rich Dad’s” book series) on becoming financially free. 


Building Your Network Marketing Business
by Jim Rohn  

This Jim Rohn CD is excellent for prospecting and follow-up and TRAINING. It is loaded with such great network marketing information that even the aspiring and seasoned distributor will be inspired! Jim Rohn, America’s #1 Business Philosopher, is funny, provocative and informative as he talks about:  

1. Profits Are Better Than Wages  
2. The Magic of Part-Time  
3. The Law of Averages  
4. The Law of Sowing & Reaping  
5. Developing New Skills  
6. Your Skills Determine Your Future  
7. Living a Good Life  

As one of America’s foremost business philosophers and Network Marketing authorities, Jim Rohn has been hailed by many as a modern day Will Rogers. Jim is a gifted storyteller with dynamic delivery and thought-provoking substance. His wit and wisdom have made him a key influence on an entire generation of Network Marketers and even personal development trainers such as Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Vic Conant, Les Brown and Tom Hopkins

Best of the Best 5 CD pack
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