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Welcome to Momentum Tools!

I created this website to provide some business building Tools that I consider valuable. In Nikken, we have the Products to improve our lives, and we have the Tools to help build our business. ‘Tools’ specifically refer to an Audio, Video ( DVD), Presentation Book, Brochure, and the Internet. They contain presentation and training information for you, your prospects, and your Nikken team. Tools allow everyone to ‘leverage’  ( to make use of ) important third party credibility. When your prospects and consultants listen to or watch successful Nikken leaders as well as business and health professionals talk about Nikken, your network and income grow bigger and faster.

The ABC is the most basic concept of Nikken success. It is a two-on-one presentation where the ‘B’ is the new consultant, the ‘A’ is the more experienced consultant ( usually the sponsor and/or upline support team member  ) and the ‘C’ is the prospect. ‘B’ introduces ‘A’ to ‘C.’ Then ‘A’ does most of the presentation while ‘B’ observes, listens and learns. Doing many ABCs early in your career will advance your business and you will be “earning while you are learning.”

Using Tools to help you to present to every prospect is another form of  ‘A.’ Duplication of successful activities is one of the keys to rapid and long-term success, and anyone can easily use a Tool to help them present Nikken more effectively. Most people spend time travelling every day. Be sure that you and your team members attend the “University on Wheels” everyday. Listening to audios daily while travelling will inform, educate and inspire you and increase your understanding and belief in the Nikken Products, the Business and Network Marketing. As your understanding and belief grow, you become more and more effective and, eventually, un-stoppable.

Some of the Tools listed here can be ordered from Focus on Growth. They are a US company that supplies Nikken consultants with Tools of the business – Audio CDs, DVDs, Brochures and Books about the Nikken technologies and the business, such as these by Bo Tanas / Momentum Tools  ( www.momentumtools.com ):

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DISCOVER NIKKEN – Brochure: Key Business Facts, all on one sheet, 2 sided, full color

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Enjoy the Nikken journey.
Bo Tanas, Royal Diamond, Former Consultant of the Year